Archdiocese of Santa Fe - Catholic Committee on Scouting

Unit Awards

The NCCS has various Cub and Boy Scout unit recognition programs. At the present time, NCCGSCF does not have any unit recognition programs.

Award For Excellence: Each year, local diocesan Catholic committees plan and execute programs, retreats, activities, songs and crafts that reach out to thousands of Catholic youth across the nation. The National Catholic Committee on Scouting® (NCCS) established the "Award for Excellence" to recognize these outstanding efforts.

National Catholic Unit Excellence Award - Pope Paul VI: This award is presented to units that demonstrate that they are providing a quality program in the following area (adult training and leadership, service by the unit, religious emblems, religious activities, vocation awareness, relationships and membership).

There are also many activities that Units can participatein such as Priesthood Sunday and Scout Sunday. Please see the NCCS website for more information.

The Archdiocese of Santa FĂ© confers the St. Elizabeth Seton Group Award to Girl Scout Troops have fulfilled the necessary requirements. The medal is given to encourage individuals in the group to participate in their respective religious medal programs, annual religious retreats, and in parish or community service of substantial merit.