Archdiocese of Santa Fe - Catholic Committee on Scouting

Adult Recognition

St. George Adult Recognition (NCCS/BSA)
The St. George Adult Recognition is an NCCS recognition for Adult (Boy) Scouters that is awarded at the diocesan level. Scouters are nominated by their peers and a committee is formed to assess the merits of those nominated. The number of St. George Recognitions a diocesan committee can award each year is limited to a formula based on the number of Catholic units in the diocese. Recipients of the St. George Recognition are eligible to also receive the BSA Adult Religious knot. The national requirements for the St. George Adult Recognition can be found on the NCCS website.

The Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Medal (NCCGSCF/GSUSA/CFUSA)
The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton recognition was inaugurated in 1980 to recognize the meritorious contributions of adults who serve Catholic youth through Girl Scouts and Camp Fire. This medal affirms the work of those who help youth develop their spiritual lives within the context of these organizations. It will ordinarily be received before the St. Anne Medal is earned, but is not a requirement for receiving the St. Anne Medal.

The Saint Anne Medal (NCCGSCF/GSUSA/CFUSA)

The St. Anne Medal is the highest national recognition for adults who serve Catholic youth through Girl Scouts and Camp Fire. The recognition was inaugurated in 1957 and redesigned in 1980. The purposes of the St. Anne recognition are:
    - to honor the outstanding services of adults who contribute to the spiritual development of Catholic young people in these organizations     - to further Catholic adult leadership in youth ministry through these national youth-serving organizations.

Diocesan Adult Recognition The Archdiocese confers the Bronze Pelican emblem to adults in the BSA program. Nomination instructions are included with the nomination form Archdiocesan adult recognition recipients are not eligible to receive the BSA Adult Religious knot.
    Application available for download
    Mail nomination by April 1 to:
        c/o Deacon David LIttle
        1502 Sara Rd. SE
        Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Emblem conferral Mass will be celebrated on Saturday June 27, 2020 at St Anne's Parish, 511 Alicia St, Santa Fe, NM 87501 at 9:00am.